We're All Mad Here

Not everyone who seems to be a little mad started off that way.  For some, it took a long process for them to lose their minds, to go completely bonkers, off their rockers, lose a couple screws, lose a couple of marbles, to go to the funny farm.

And maybe that's not a bad thing........or maybe that's a very very bad thing?  Maybe not everyone who has gone mad has completely lost their mind.  Marching band arranger John Fischer shows.....maybe they struggle with it more than we know.

Difficulty - Medium Hard    Grade - 4

*Rights Required to perform 'I'm Going Slightly Mad' by Queen, 'White Rabbit' by Jefferson Airplane, and 'Mona Lisa and Mad Hatters' by Elton John.

ORIGINAL COMPOSITIONS of 'Fractured Glass' and 'Asylum' do not require rights to perform.

Preshow - 'I'm Going Slightly Mad' by Queen (Rights Required)

Setting the mood for the show is this odd and quirky song by iconic rock group 'Queen.'  Featuring the percussion section, it will give your percussionists an opportunity for a good warmup, as well as give the opportunities to set the tone of the show musically, visually, and thematically.

Introduction - 'White Rabbit' by Jefferson Airplane (Rights Required)

Not all madness starts out that way.  Some people are actually quite sane, they live quite the normal lives.  But then.....something happens, something small at first.  Something seems a bit odd to them, but they can't quite figure out why.  Eventually that curiosity grows into an obsession, and that obsession makes something snap! The 'White Rabbit' is a perfect vehicle for this, as it starts off with just a simple drum ostinato that builds and builds into an outright chaotic ending.

Mvt. I - 'Fractured Glass' by John Fischer

And here we are.  Something has broken, something has gone wrong.  Sound and logical thinking is no longer something that is being done, and the world looks so much different now.  Coming to grips with the new reality comes with new challenges and some of these challenges are scary and frightening.  'Fractured Glass' is a minimalist piece that layers themes and rhythmic patterns until a culmination leads to a large release.  Constant meter changes do not interrupt the flow of the piece, yet add a smooth complexity to the music that elevates the feel of something being a bit......off.

Mvt. II - 'Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters' by Elton John (Rights Required)

Yet, just because someone has lost it a little bit does not mean that they don't have thought, or feeling, or emotion.  They struggle with the fact that they know they are a bit broken down, and they pine for the days where everything used to be simple.  They look back with fond memories of the past, and are hopeful for the future.  Yet they also have fear that whatever they are going through may not go away.

Mvt. III - 'Asylum' by John Fischer

The descent into madness is complete.  The world that they once knew is just a far distant memory, and the new reality (or lack thereof) is setting in.  There's no rhyme or reason to anything anymore, nothing makes sense.  'Asylum' embodies that total slipping into madness with it's dark and driving chordal statements, sinister sounding melodies and counter-melodies, and rhythmic punches.