Wake In The Moonlight

Marching band arranger John Fischer tells of a quiet night, on a quiet lake, the moon comes up over the water.  The crickets chirp, the occasional fish breaks the plane of the still water, the breeze blows through the reeds.  All is quiet and peaceful.

But then, very gradually when they're sure nobody is around, the water fairies emerge to have their fun on the water.  Jumping, splashing, and dancing, the little magical creatures enjoy their time after hiding away for the day.  And as the night turns to day, they disappear without a trace that they were ever there.

Difficulty - Hard     Grade - 4.5

*Rights Required to perform 'Night-swimming' by REM.

Public Domain pieces of 'Aquarium,' 'Claire de Lune,' and 'Moonlight Sonata' do not require rights.

Preshow - 'Night-Swimming' by REM (Rights Required)

Imagine a lake or a pond as the sun is going down.  Families are wrapping up their picnics, swimmers are drying off, and everyone is starting to leave.  A relaxing day has turned into a quiet night.  'Night-swimming' by REM is arranged for all percussion, giving your percussionists good warmup time while providing a visual and musical opportunity to set the mood for the show.

Mvt. I - 'Aquarium' by Camille Saint-saens, 'Overture to a Midsummer Night's Dream' by Felix Mendelssohn

After the last person has left, and the water has been quiet for a while, we see the fairies start to slowly emerge from their hiding places.  Set to the mystical sound of 'Aquarium' by Saint-saens, we feel the magic of what is taking place.  Looking around to make absolutely sure that they are alone, they bring all of the other fairies out to the water to dance and play.  Hear the celebration taking place with the joyous 'Overture to a Midsummer Night's Dream' by Mendelssohn filling the night.

Mvt. II - 'Claire de Lune' by Claude Debussy, 'Night Swimming'

The night goes on, and the party settles down.  The fairies relax and enjoy the evening underneath the moonlight, as we hear the sonorous 'Claire de Lune' depict the beauty of the still lake under the glowing light of the moon.

Mvt. III - 'Moonlight Sonata - Mvt. 3' by Ludwig von Beethoven, 'Claire de Lune,' 'Night-Swimming'

But wait!  While the magical creatures were relaxing, they did not notice that their time to enjoy and not be seen was starting to run out!  They quickly and hurriedly scramble to get everything recovered so nobody notices that they were there.  Hear the frantic pace embodied by the furious runs of the 3rd movement to Beethoven's infamous 'Moonlight Sonata' as they go about their business.  And, as they are ready to bid good-bye to their time of the night, they recall the time they had, and slowly disappear.....leaving nothing but the quiet lake that started our story.