R O B O T !

Artificial intelligence is created, fails, and is rebirthed again in composer John Fischer's creative show for developing bands. 


Imagine bearing witness to the creation of an intelligent being, simply put together in a factory!  Created completely of artificial means, it comes to life to flourish in the world around it.  


But machines and devices breakdown, and the robot that was once created is no longer active.  Of course, until there is a reboot and a reprogram!


Difficulty: Medium Easy  Grade: 2.5 


Mvt. I - Construction

Listen to the sounds of the factory, as the robot is being built.  Bells, steel, and whistles portray the factory, and melodic lines are built one on top of the other.  After the robot is completed, there is a gradual rush to get him out into the exciting and bustling world as a new being.  It's a strange and fast-paced new world for him, and frantic as he sets out to keep pace with a world that has gotten a head start.

Mvt. II - Malfunction

Even the best built machines will break down from time to  time.  Our friend that we saw built in the factory has just come to the realization that although he feels no pain, he is not invincible.  The fast paced world that he had finally gotten accustomed to is now slowing down to a tedious halt.  It seems like it could be the junkyard for the artificial man, but hope comes through with someone that will be able to fix him.

Mvt. III - Reprogram

It's a trying time in the repair shop, as the line between being salvaged and being in the trash heap is a tenuous one at best.  Our factory created man perhaps gets a brief glimpse into human emotion as he awaits his fate.  But it is a success, and he is newly reprogrammed and ready to go back in the world!  Of course, he must say 'Thank You' from Mr. Roboto, before he is off.  But just as our robot friend heads off to his own adventure, we once again hear the factory starting up in the background to start it all over again with its next creation.