Up-Front Pricing

Organizing and planning a marching season is a very involved process, with a lot of moving parts.  Let JFMS take some of the guess-work out of some of that process with Up-Front Pricing.  So don't worry about waiting around for a price quote and take care of your show budget quickly and easily right here!

Purchased shows come with all scores and parts via PDF (or via post-mail if desired), as well as mp3 tracks to distribute freely to students and staff.

*Please note that all shows with RR (Rights Required/Copyrighted) music will need to have permission secured by the school requesting the arrangement.  Permissions come with a nominal fee from the copyright holders.  Assistance in securing permissions is available!

Marching Band


Winds Only


Winds + Battery


Winds + Pit


Winds + Pit + Battery


Reduced Instrumentation or Simplified Versions

Commissioned Works

         Commissioning an original composition or an arrangement is available for a negotiated price.  Due to the many factors involved (such as band size, difficulty level, original vs. arrangement, show length, percussion scoring, amount of time to complete work, etc), a set price cannot be completely achieved until after a few informative exchanges between John and your band's designers.  But here is a rough breakdown of what you could expect:

        -Original composition - $1,250 - $2,500

        -Public Domain arrangement - $1,000 - $1,500

        -Copyright music arrangement - $1,000 - $2,000 

                *again, please consider that permissions need to be secured by the band program BEFORE work can begin

       Please e-mail me directly to get started on a commission for your program!  I am eager to work with you and your designers to create an innovative vehicle for your students and their success!