Hope Survives Adversity

Adversity, pain, struggle, hardship.  We all experience it, and some on the most extreme levels.  These events can crush the human spirit, and make all things seem lost.  But there is always one thing that can never be taken away even in the most dire of times......HOPE.

Composer John Fischer explores that whether it be large or small, hope can ring through and give us something to pursue, something to live for, something to make us carry on and endure.

Difficulty - Medium Hard     Grade - 4

*RIGHTS REQUIRED to perform 'Finale B' from RENT by Jonathan Larson and 'Fix You' by Coldplay.

ORIGINAL COMPOSITIONS of 'Adversity' and 'Hope' do not require rights to perform.

Mvt. I - 'Finale B' from RENT

by Jonathan Larson (Rights Required)

'Forget regrets, or life is yours to miss.  No other road, no other way, no day but today.'  Though we all have our roads that are difficult and trying, and some more than others, we cannot live a life with regrets.  Take advantage of the day, and make the most of it.  Larson's piece encourages us to make the most of the day we are in right now, and sets up the theme of the show perfectly.  This is great as a 'Preshow' or as an 'Introduction' piece.

Mvt. II - 'Adversity'

by John Fischer (original - no rights required)

Life is at times so difficult.  The worst things can happen to anyone, and the will and the human spirit can be tested.  Darkness can rather unjustly settle into our lives and push our values and our tenaciousness to the limits.  'Adversity' embodies that darkness and difficulty, with dark and driving rhythms,  frequent meter changes, and chaotic harmonies.  However, it is through the adversity that we will overcome and be stronger.

Mvt. III - 'Hope'

by John Fischer (original - no rights required)

Through adversity and difficult times, there is sadness and despair.  Working through the sadness and despair is a daunting task when all you want to do is give in and give up.  But there is always hope....for the present, for the future, and for what you live by and what you value.  'Hope' describes those feelings, opening up with a gentle yet tenuous harmonic progression.....soft, yet unsettled.  That gives way to a sweet saxophone solo that introduces the idea of hope and carries us through to a recapitulation of the original theme, yet with a more convincing musical statement to show the concept of embracing the hope that will carry us through the adversity.

Mvt. IV - 'Fix You'

by Coldplay (Rights Required)

'Lights will guide you home.'  Sometimes, when we know someone who is going through hardship, we want to be the one that is there for them.  To be their support, their guidance, their strength and the provide them hope when they are is such a difficult place that they cannot do it for themselves.  Coldplay's 'Fix You' is a perfect vehicle for this, and gives us such extreme hope through its gentle opening melodies and harmonies, to its driving and uplifting refrains.  Through the compassion and love of others, we can find strength and hope.