The streets are cold and dark, empty in the evening, and in the daytime the people know who runs the town.  Organized crime rules 1920s Chicago, and if you didn't abide by their rules.....there was bound to be trouble.

Gangsters ran the businesses, they robbed the banks, they lived it up in the clubs, they were bigger than the law.  They ran rampant over the town with complete disregard.  And when they were caught, they would always find a way to evade justice.  Composer John Fischer tells this tale in this original composition.

Difficulty: Medium   Grade: 3-3.5


Mvt. I - A Life of Crime

Boom!  Shots ring out from the national bank building, as a group of robbers spill out into their getaway cars, joined in heavy pursuit from the roaring sirens of the cops.  This is the life of crime they live.  Always on the run, but never shaken by authority.  Constantly planning what their next strike is, who are their allies, and who are their enemies.........often having the same affiliates going between the two.  

Mvt. II - Speakeasy

The life of crime comes with extremely high risk, but with that risk can come reward.  Many of the gangsters ruled the underground night clubs, making them their unofficial official hangout locations if you need to have a meeting.  And of course, where better to have a prohibition era drink with some cool jazz music to liven up the joint.

Mvt. III - Running from the Cops

Just as important as planning the next heist, is planning the getaway.  You always have to be one step ahead of the cops, never letting them catch you off guard.  You have to be cool, calm, collected, and know exactly where you're going and where they're going as well.  You think you got it all figured out, and everything is going smoothly............until the cops are waiting for you at the location.  A gunfight breaks out, and the boys have to flee, making another getaway from the constant sirens behind them.  But this time, the sirens never fade.....

Mvt. IV - Breaking Out

It's been too long in the slammer.  You gotta get out of there.  Your brothers are out there devising ways to get you out.  Create a distraction, dig a tunnel, or just go in guns blazing.  Whatever it is, it worked and you are out!  And did you learn your lesson of rehabilitation?  NO WAY!  Your streets sat empty for too long and others started breaching your territories.  Time to get back to the life of crime that you know so well!