A Painter's Process

Great art just does not happen by accident...........well, most of the time.  There is a process involved with creating a work of art.  It cannot be like anything before it's time, it has to be innovative and thought-provoking.  It has to be meaningful and perhaps even a bit controversial.  These things are all to be planned out, because innovation takes planning.....it takes a process.

But the innovation of a new idea does not the finished product make, as an artist will critique and revise his/her work many many times in the effort to get it just right.  And that can be a painstaking process for the composer or artist, before they get to finally complete their work for the world to see, adding the finishing touches to make it a true masterpiece!

Difficulty:  Medium Easy    Grade:  2.5


Mvt. I - Innovation

The artist starts with a simple motivating idea that he/she slowly debates, and then boom!  The creative process is off and running in full force.  Back and forth, back and forth with exactly which way they will take the idea, the excitement in their mind never stops.  New ideas lead to enthusiasm, and the enthusiasm leads to even more ideas, and the artist struggles for their brush to keep up with what they are creating in their mind.  With every new section of music comes another new idea, a new layer to what will surely be a great work of art.  It's a very exciting time for the artist, with everything being fresh and new.

Mvt. II - Reflection

The artist has done it.....they have created an innovative idea to put on the canvas.  But slowly, the newness of the concept wanes and the reality of fine tuning and more meticulous thought sets in.  They step back to look at what they have thus far, judging every stroke that was made, every line that was drawn, in an effort to express what they truly want to express.  The reflection, though worth it, is a difficult process.  Self-doubt and second guessing creep in where it was completely absent before in the beginning stages.  But the artist knows that this stage is crucial.......and what makes a piece truly great.....or simply average.

Mvt. III - Completion

The artist knows that they are close.  They are almost through the difficult stage of reflection and fine tuning.  Just a few more things to figure out, to contemplate.  It's difficult, and frustrating.  But then.......just like that, it's all crystal clear.  Once again the brush flies across the canvas, nary making a mistake, almost knowing exactly where to go on it's own.  The artist is calm, and at peace.  Unlike the innovative process that seemed chaotic and at times difficult to keep up, this time they know exactly what to do, and exactly when to do it.  As the work nears completion, the enthusiasm that started the whole process returns, and the artist is able to step back and be inspired by the work they have created throughout the Painter's Process.